Palliative Matters podcast
Join Board Certified Palliative & Hospice Care physicians, Dr. John Mulder, Executive Director of Trillium Institute, and Dr. Jason Beckrow, Trillium Institute faculty, as they dive into the world of palliative care. Using real-life examples, they create an open dialogue to address the issues of those facing a life-limiting illness and provide resources, tips, and tools for patients, their loved ones, and medical professionals to provide a higher quality end-of-life experience.
Dr. John Mulder
Dr. Jason Beckrow

EP: 01 MARCH 16, 2022. SEASON: 1
Exploring Values & Goals

When a patient is faced with a life-limiting illness, both they and their support network are burdened with a number of stresses. They are forced to make many difficult decisions in circumstances with no perfect outcome. In this episode, the doctors address the importance of asking the patient what their goals and values are. What do they want to accomplish between now and the end of their life? Listen and learn how to better give the patient a voice and a choice as they face their illness.

EP: 02 FEBRUARY 21, 2022. SEASON: 1
The Burden of Choices

When faced with a life-limiting illness, patients and their loved ones can feel pressure to make the “right” choice or take the “right” step when, oftentimes, there isn’t one. In the next episode of Palliative Matters, the doctors use a real-life example to talk in detail about decision-making throughout the end-of-life journey and how the presence and involvement of a palliative care team helped ease the family of some of those burdens.

EP: 03 June 16, 2022. SEASON: 1
The Concept of Suffering

When most people think of suffering, they think of it in terms of physical pain, but suffering is a much more dynamic concept. When someone is facing a life-limiting illness, the fear of inability surrounding their situation can be agonizing. Existential crises in the form of financial stress, professional struggles, or familial relationships are common. In this episode, Dr. Mulder and Dr. Beckrow walk listeners through the concept of suffering and how they work to reinforce in a patient their value and worth.f some of those burdens.

EP: 04 July 26, 2022. SEASON: 1
Defining Hope

The idea of hope is often idealistic and romanticized. For those facing a life-limiting illness, the “hope” of being cured or life returning to the way it was before a diagnosis can be discouraging. In this episode, Dr. Mulder and Dr. Beckrow explain how they can help people redefine hope by setting clear expectations and realistic goals for patients and their families. dens.

EP: 05 September 8, 2022. SEASON: 1
Patient Circumstance

What do we learn from our patients that make us better people and better doctors? In this episode, the doctors discuss patient circumstances and what these experiences have taught them. From learning to look for the gifts and miracles in even the direst of situations to making human connections to meet patients where they are, the doctors share real-life experiences that have helped shape who they are as doctors and as people.

EP: 06 October 10, 2022 SEASON: 1
The Purpose of Palliative Care

With palliative care being a relatively new field of medicine, there are still many misconceptions about what this specialty provides. While it is often associated with end-of-life, it has become much more expansive. In this episode, Dr. Mulder and Dr. Beckrow discuss the purpose of palliative care and how treatment plans focus on a patient’s goals ultimately empowering them to make choices based on what is important and sacred to them.

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