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About Us

The mission of Trillium Institute is to advance the art and science of navigating how to live well, die well, and grieve well. We’re called to improve the quality of life through to the end of life.


We offer training for two distinct audiences:

-We offer medical education in hospice and palliative care by supporting a post-graduate Fellow in Hospice and Palliative Medicine through the Mercy Health Grand Rapids Graduate Medical Education program. We also offer one-month clinical rotations in palliative care for medical residents in West Michigan. Contact Hannah Payne for more information.

– We present guided discussions about improving the quality of life through to the end of life in partnership with lifelong learning programs, churches and community organizations throughout West Michigan. Contact Hannah Rosema for more information.


Mindful Aging: Living Well, Even In The Face of Adversity

We’re living longer, thanks to modern medicine, but are we living well? In this session, we will learn about research from the MacArthur Foundation that points the way to successful aging. We’ll explore how the way you live – not the genes you were born with – determines health and vitality. We’ll also explore how to prepare for the inevitable.

 When Miracles Are Beyond Our Reach

Medical “miracles” may seem commonplace as pharmaceutical and technical options grow, but mortality is still in everyone’s path. How do we face serious illnesses with grace and wisdom? How can we know when enough is enough? In this session, we’ll explore both the potential and the limits of medicine, and examine the wisdom to know the difference.

 Advance Care Planning

No one can predict when a sudden illness or accident may occur, leaving a person unable to make personal healthcare decisions. Advance Care Planning makes your personal healthcare preferences known. In this session, we’ll learn about how you can discern and express your personal values related to your health, and document your decisions so they will be followed when you can no longer speak for yourself.