We offer educational and training resources to health care professionals and community members that will allow for optimal communication about life-defining illnesses: 

Educational Curricula

For medical students on the subjects of palliative medicine, end of life care, pain management, and communication skills. 


For medical students and residents for exposure and training in palliative and hospice medicine. 


For area university lifelong learning programs and presentations for interested community groups. 

Palliative Medicine Roundtable

A coalition of local hospice and palliative physicians who gather regularly to collaborate, share best practices, and enjoy a meal together.   

Fellowship Program

Supporting the development of hospice and palliative medicine specialists. 


For students pursuing the Interprofessional Palliative and Hospice Care Certificate from Grand Valley State University. 

For more information about training opportunities, call 616-235-5106.
Dr. Mulder encourages us as students to see patients as people and to confront death in a dignified and expected fashion.
Medical Student