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When and why did Trillium Institute start?

Trillium Institute was launched in 2014 from a recognized need to educate the community about best practices in dealing with serious illnesses. The institute was challenged to find fresh ways to help those with life-defining illnesses as they navigate the complex medical options, and equally complex emotional burdens that await them.

What does the Institute do?

Trillium Institute provides educational services to the West Michigan community, and to the broader medical community, about advancing the art and science of improving the quality of life through to the end of life. We also provide services to help patients and their families navigate through the complex medical decisions and emotional challenges associated with facing a serious illness. Finally, we help people advocate for care that reflects their values and preferences through advance care planning.

Why did you choose the name, Trillium Institute?

The trillium is an exquisite three-leaved wildflower that is native to Michigan. It blooms for a brief season in the spring, reflecting both the beauty and the brevity of life. The three leaves also reflect our mission to help people live well, die well, and grieve well.

Is Trillium Institute connected with Trillium Woods?

Trillium Institute is part of Holland Home, but it is a separate and distinct organization from Trillium Woods, the inpatient hospice facility of Faith Hospice, which is also owned and operated by Holland Home. 

How can we work with Trillium Institute?

Community groups can inquire about engaging a speaker from Trillium Institute by contacting
Hannah Rosema.  click here.

For professional training opportunities, check our calendar of upcoming events.

Can I donate to Trillium Institute?

Yes. Your donations are vital to continue these essential efforts. Click here for information about how to support Trillium Institute. click here